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Planet Sustainability

Planet Sustainability

This is such a broad topic with so many detrimental factors that cannot continue to be put aside. The most threatening issue that we face today is global warming. As the sea level continues to rise with each year that passes, it is not a question of if but when it will effect coastlines around the world. Here in South Florida we already see extensive flooding. In 2017 when we were hit by Hurricane Irma this was clear as day as we saw many streets turn to rivers as the storm surge plunged onto land. We can build sea walls and install pumps but those are only temporary solutions that give us years instead of finding solutions for generations to come. There has to be a better way. It is unrealistic to tell people to stop driving, especially in South Florida where we are so spread out. We must support alternative energy development through solar and wind technologies. We must also support further research and development into battery technology to bring the cost down for electric vehicles and make them more affordable to the masses. Our dependence on fossil fuels must decrease significantly. In edition to carbon emissions we must not forget about methane which accounts for about 17% of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere and is up to 30 times stronger than one single molecule of carbon dioxide. We are seeing other nations like China and India make drastic changes as they recognize the threat. Though a large number of our country sees this as well, we need to be unified and instead of follow the example of other nations, set the standard for a new era of renewable energy and continue to lead the world as we have for so long now. 


Aside from the issue of rising temperatures we continue to see mass destruction of our planet's rainforests through deforestation. These massive forests are essential to the balance of our planet's eco system. They are designed to absorb mass amounts of carbon dioxide and replace with oxygen. This cannot be done if they do not exist. If that was not enough, the destruction of these forests takes away natural habitats for many different species of plants, animals and insects and threatens if not eliminates their very existence. Though we do not govern the countries where the bulk of destruction lies, we should open discussions for real effective conservation. We would be irresponsible to not do so for the sake of not just our country, but the world.


There are very large industries who's very bottom line would be severely effected by the change I am speaking of. This is why we have not seen effective real change on these issues in Washington. I am not interested in their bottom line. I am only interested in creating a sustainable environment on this planet for all life to continue for generations to come. Our climate, water, food, air and everything else we need for survival depends on it.    



Our healthcare system is severely flawed. The Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as Obamacare, is something the Republicans have been trying to repeal since it's inception on the sole fact that it came from Democrats and has been branded an achievement of the Democratic party. The Democrats pride themselves on the legislation and tout numbers of mass amounts of Americans that now have health insurance that did not before; a convenient statistic achieved through a mandate that required people to carry insurance. They both are wrong in their rhetoric. As a self employed middle class American, I experienced first hand just how horrible this legislation is.


First off, the mandate that was requiring citizens to carry insurance or else be penalized on their annual taxes was is if anything, un-American. If we truly are a nation of free people with free will we should have the freedom to decide if we want to have healthcare for ourselves without penalty as that is a choice that solely effects individuals. As of December 2017 this mandate thankfully was repealed through the tax bill that was passed. Secondly, if you are self employed or do not get insurance through your job and opt to take out a plan, you will will pay premiums that continue to skyrocket with high deductibles you will never reach unless you experience some unfortunate accident or life threatening illness. It almost makes having insurance useless and places a sever burden on the pockets of our low to middle class population. Lastly is the provider selection, I myself have been dropped from multiple providers and forced to go through the enrollment process all over again solely because the provider had decided to pull out of the state. In 2018 there are only six providers in Florida people can enroll with. Six from a massive industry that quite frankly cares more about profits than actually helping people. This is just unacceptable.


Now there are pros to the legislation such as providers not being able to deny individuals due to preexisting conditions, free preventative care and no limits on lifetime benefits. We should build on these points to create a healthcare system that puts the people first. Ultimately healthcare should be a right. We have been proactive about taking care of our children and seniors which we should absolutely continue to do so, but we all should be taken care of always without fear because we do not know if we can afford it. Especially if you receive a diagnosis of a potential if not definite terminal illness. The treatments and medications should always be provided with zero profit to anyone in these instances for the sole reason that it is the right thing to do. 


Now I think we all can agree that medical equipment, hospital construction and maintenance is expensive. We all can agree that people who work in the medical field should be properly compensated as they took the time and invested so much of themselves into saving lives. This all has to be paid for in some way. Whether through government programs, taxes or insurance, the people will pay for it. Though the intentions of the Republican party are arguably off, they are right in saying it should be repealed and replaced. Not one before the other but at the same time and with a bipartisan bill that properly covers the people of this nation, protects them from the business of insurers and ultimately saves lives. If elected I will be an advocate for fair and true affordable healthcare for every single person. It is the right thing to do. 

Equality For All

Equality For All

I find it baffling that in this day and age we still have this discussion and we are still looking for solutions on the subject of equality. What we find are groups of people in this country with polarizing ideas of how we should be as a society. You have a huge number of white people who whether vocal or silent are uncomfortable with the current state of society. There are the few that are outright racist and discriminatory towards other ethnicities as well as women, but there are the many that are silent but may feel this way as well or at the bare minimum feel they are being discriminated against. That angst was shown in the election of our current president. As a white American myself, I find this demeanor extremely frustrating. On the flip side there are outspoken as well as silent groups of people that feel they are owed something or that people today, mainly whites, should be held responsible for crimes and actions that were committed by the ancestors of our nation. Both trains of thought are wrong. Both create a sense of animosity and segregation. 

The founders of this country at the time had radical ideas in a very different world. For as much as they got right, they failed a great number of people on equality. Whether it was ignorance, a lack of forward thinking or maybe as much as some would hate to even suggest, they too were biased when it came to gender and racial equality. We pride ourselves today on honoring the constitution that our founders drafted but I believe if they were with us today they would be on the side of true equality for all. 


Culture diversity and education is wonderful. It is one of the beautiful things about this country. There are clear similarities and differences amongst all ethnicities in something as simple as the food we eat, the entertainment we consume, the way we dress. We must embrace these and so many other factors that make us free thinking people. Not one person is in the position to place judgment or impose their will on another. The only thing we should concern ourselves with is mutual respect, understanding and the amazing opportunity we have as Americans to learn from one another. 

For all to truly be equal, we must all regard each other as such. The same opportunities should be offered to all on an even playing field where no one person is better than the other and no one has an edge over another through social, gender or racial stature. Until then we will remain divided and nothing will ultimately be accomplished. If elected, I will fight for true equality for all regardless of race, sex, religion or anything else. 

One World Initiative

One World Initiative

Such a potent topic in our country over the last several years has been immigration. This topic especially resonates here in South Florida where a huge number of our population is Hispanic. With the current rhetoric in Washington being about a repeal of DACA to a border wall to blatant discriminatory statements, reform that gives our citizens as well as both documented and undocumented immigrants a sense of trust and security is necessary and well over due. 

Now I feel that any person not just in this country but in the world should have the right to not only visit wherever they want, but reside and even seek opportunity as well. That is real freedom which is at it's very core what this country stands for. What we cannot be naive of is thinking stricter regulations or physical objects will both keep people out and us safe. First off, if a person really wants to do something they will find a way. Especially if their life depends on it. I have heard so many stories from families and their struggle to come into this country both legally and illegally. Their goal was not to take advantage, but to earn their way through hard work and contributing to our society. These people are only looking for the same opportunities that the ancestors of this nation were seeking, and it would be un-American to deny that to anyone no matter their race, gender, religion or country of origin. Secondly, the argument of safety is something I have seen exploited instilling fear to further political agendas. This is sad and unacceptable. There are also so many stories of families that have been separated and have not been able to be reunited at the minimum temporarily because of where that one particular family member may reside. There has to be a better way. 


Now of course we want to be safe. We have been victims of horrible atrocities and have seen other terrible events around the world and we will continue to be diligent in preventing such things. Unfortunately, members of our government have targeted groups of people based solely on their ethnic background and label them in a way that generates fear and animosity in the people. This manipulation is the worst offense and only creates further segregation not just among us Americans, but to the world population. 

I believe and hope we can get to a place that through proper vetting and documentation we can unite people and set a new standard for the world to follow like so many other American innovations. Though many may find this to be an unrealistic lofty goal, take a moment to see the opportunity. By removing the complexities of an immigrant making their way into the United States we remove the majority if not entirely illegal entrance into the nation. They could pay an entrance fee and be entered into our system so if they seek employment they will pay taxes like the rest of the citizens of this country. True contribution versus illegal employment where there is no contribution from that immigrant into the system. Like I mentioned, the majority of these people with the desire to make a life in America are not only extremely humble and thankful, but they would willingly embrace a fair, honest and legal approach. 

If elected I will fight for the rights and freedoms of everyone with a goal to unite us all both at home and abroad. Not for any other reason than because it is the right thing to do. A concept that our government as a whole has lost sight of. 

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