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My name is Stephen Korka. I am beyond proud to be a citizen of this great country with such a young, yet rich history in the course of our existence with revolutionary ideals and physical landscapes that no other place in the world can rival. Like everything in life, there is change and I believe we are in a new America that is more connected then ever, but suffering from a division we have not seen since the Civil War. Our government and it's two party system have left a great number of us miffed and jaded where the American spirit that this country was founded on is at stake. We have a Republican Party that prides itself on conservative values but is filled with false truths, hypocrisy and a beyond stubborn demeanor to work with anyone that does not support their agenda. To paraphrase, they have become the bullies of our government. The Democrats, no matter how much they may say otherwise, have allowed the Republicans to get away with too much instead of standing up, fighting for what is right and saying enough. It is not about being more mature or politically correct. If we do not stop the Republican rhetoric and fight fire for fire, we will continue this path of further separation not just between parties, but between the citizens of this nation.  I do believe in the Democratic Party's core values and have optimism for the future, but I refuse to be bullied in this new America. Instead we need to gather as a collective to provide solutions, compromise but ultimately just do the right thing. 

Personally, I was born in Buffalo, NY where I lived until I was four when my parents moved our family to South Florida. My entire schooling was achieved through the public school system in Broward County Florida followed by my completion of an undergraduate degree at Florida International University. I come from a family with artistic roots and liberal to moderate views on our society. I have spent a large portion of my adult life working in marketing, entertainment and events as well as divulging in my lifelong relationship with music. I am also the proud sole owner of three comic book and collectible stores. I have a handful of people employed on my team that not only provide a great service but a safe environment that many people spend much of their time at giving them a place they belong and a sense of community. 

I am a true middle class citizen in this country that is impacted directly like the majority of our population by the policies set forth by our government. I do not come from nor am I supported by wealth. I am not interested in the needs of special interest groups nor would I be influenced by their agendas. This country is starving for truth, transparency and authenticity and we must stand up and fight for what is right for all as we move forward in this new America. 

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